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Our laboratory


As most of our products are tailor-made, every demand for us is considered as a new project.
Customer service is our aim. Thanks to our long experience in textile formulation, our R&D department can offer:
  • Formulation development from lab scale up to pilot trials.
  • Formulation conforming to our customers' requirements.
  • Technical support through trainings in our laboratory.
  • Toll-manufacturing.
  • Close technical co-operation and confidentiality.
  • Secrecy agreements.

Quality Control

Our quality control is based on our own quality control management (QCM) and constant quality is obtained by:
  • Strict control of the physical and chemical properties of raw materials and finished products.
  • Applied testing of our products in reference formulations.
  • Guaranteed quality of our products to ensure consistent performance in customers' formulations.