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Toll Manufactoring services


With over 55 years experience in the production, storage, transportation and safe handling of chemicals, Sobeltec can offer toll manufacture for speciality chemicals.

Located in Ronse, close to the North of France, Antwerp and the major motorway networks, our multipurpose chemical production is perfectly designed for customers requiring a chemical manufacturing presence in Western Europe.


Our services as toll manufacturing

Process and chemical product development in our own laboratories – on behalf of our clients we can accept raw materials, which are then manufactured, mixed or re-hydrated at our plant before being packaged and distributed. We can also source raw materials on behalf of customers.

Handling and re-packing of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals – we have the capacity to break down bulk batches of chemicals, safely and accurately, before repackaging and distributing them in smaller quantities.

High temperature liquid mixing vessels – some chemicals require mixing at high temperatures to produce a reaction, but it's not always economical for an organisation to have its own specialised, high temperature chemical mixing equipment. Through our toll manufacturing service we can handle such projects on our client's behalf.

Chemical labelling and documentation to European supply regulations – once the chemical products are packaged we provide the relevant labelling and documentation in preparation for distribution.

Chemical batch quality control in our own laboratories – to ensure that the chemicals we supply are of a high and consistent quality we perform regular and stringent quality control tests.


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